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future projects/Plans donations

Sometime people come to us and donate for various causes as follows

You can also donate for Food, Cloths, Books/ Dresses/ Study Material, schools etc through us. We help you to guide the proper people, place, arranging material etc. If you are here then you can do it by yourself or if you ask us we can do it on your behalf as per your interest. Total details of your accounts and proof of dispersing your donation to this purpose shall be sent to you once it is done. People from South Africa in March 2010 donated for the food to 100 beggars/ poor people at Triveni Ghat area of Rishikesh. Waniana from Shanghai, China donated Books and coloring materials to school children where poor children study.

People donate as per their capacity and liking etc, however there are no limits how much you want to donate. For sending this donation you can use methods as given below in this page. For a general guide lines here are some suggestions for donation to such underprivileged people:

  1. One time simple food for 100 people: INR 3,100 only
  2. Distributing Blankets for 50 people in cold winter nights: INR 6,500 only
  3. Distributing Stationery only to 50 school children: INR 3,100 Only ( 2 note book + Pencil + Eraser + color book + colors etc )
  4. For distributing partial School dress/ uniforms for 50 people: INR 7,500 only.
  5. To pay full one year fee for one poor child in normal public school: INR 11,000/-
  6. For giving donation for general purpose to orphanage / Mentally Challenged children / poor children / to general schools to help poor students in their school: INR 5,100 to any amount.

Many time people feel that they should donate only to those schools/ organizations who are working with poor people but I would suggest rethinking it in this way also. If we can help poor people to let them study in normal English medium public schools (Where all medium class students goes to study) then they will be able to get good chances of study. So if we can help in education in such a way it shall be good. We have few organizations/ schools selected for such causes. We also have our own space where we can arrange all this on requests. You can also donate money for cloths, computers, and handicrafts so we can start some program to such people free of cost. If interested please ask for more details at vivek

Supporting our Projects

You can support our projects which are on very initial stages now by many ways. You can create awareness about our programs and plans and find people/ organizations etc. who are interested in helping us in any ways. People can donate funds, lands, other materials to our project partially or completely. We need minimum 1000 square meter land in a natural environment in and around Rishikesh. If there is capacity of expending around, it will be better. Presently the cost of land in and around Rishikesh vary from 20,000 – 30,000 per square meter. Then the cost of acquiring and developing is extra.

Once we acquire the land we may need to develop our ashram. We are planning to develop on time sharing basis where people can donate us some amount for part of the ashram ( i.e. one / two bed room flat / Yoga hall etc.) and they can stay there every year 2 months free of cost till there lifespan and after that it shall be used by Ashram. When people will donate partially then this cost shall be reduced to each individuals. We will let this cost know to the people who are interested in it once we acquire the land. People can also support any small/ large amount to our specially created fund for this purpose your name shall be published on this website and also physically at our place.

You can send your payments to following address

Bharat Heritage Services, 273, Haridwar Road, opp. Akhand ashram, Haridwar Road,Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India, You can send payment by using your credit cards, cheques, demand drafts the name of our Founder Secretary “Vivek Bharat Gaur” payable at Rishikesh, India. For bank Transfer/ Western Union / Pay pal etc. you can use following easy ways:-

Option 1

Name: Vivek Bharat Gaur

Bank Name: State bank of India, Rishikesh

Branch Code : 1180

A/C Number : 10548907726

IFSC Code: SBIN0001180
(For national transfer)

Swift Code: SBININ BB 558
(For international Transfer)

Option 2

  • For WUMT (Western Union Money Transfer) Transfer you just need the name only. It is more quick, easy and reliable. We have found sometime bank transfer from foreign country will take one month.

  • By WUMT transfer they will give you a code number which you will e mail us and we can receive the amount from their local counter. From some countries, you can also do it Online by your credit card. You can also go to their counter near to you and do the transfer. To check the counter near to you can visit

Option 3 (By Pay pal method)

  • You can send the money on our e mail address

  • If you are not aware about this procedure then please visit

  • We can send you mail for this purpose requesting payment from you. This also you can do online by credit card once you complete their procedure or make your account first time with them.
    However you choose any method for payment we will receive money in Indian rupees and we shall be able to confirm that amount and your program as and when we receive that at our end.


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