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Indian Culture / Heritage Programs

Vedic Astrology Sessions : VAS

In Vedic astrology we need your exact date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. A birth chart – Horoscope is being prepared based on this data. A briefing about each of your 12 houses, which are related to various issues of life, is being given after analyzing the different charts and calculations based on your horoscope. Vedic astrology is based on moon whereas western astrology is based on sun. If your data is correct then it is just like a mirror of your life.

If person is available to us physically or online they may ask their personal question and the answer is being given as per the study of your Vedic horoscope. If there is any kind of problem then solution is also suggested as a remedy for them. The solutions may be related to the suggestion of wearing particular gems etc. Predictions, Solutions of Problems, Suggestions about Gems, stones etc., Horoscope Matching of Couple, To Suggest the suitable time for various occasions of your life depending on your planetary positions. You can send your correct data with the questions you want to ask with necessary payments.

Tarot Card Reading & Prediction Course : TCRPC

The tarot is a deck of 78 mystical cards. For hundreds of years the tarot has been one of the most important Western mystical pathways for fortune telling, divination and self – development. Each card has an image, a name and a number, which are the potent symbols and have specific meanings. The tarot provides an instant and direct way to understand the rhythms or patterns at work in your life.

We offers the course for Tarot reading for those who wish to learn this simple and beautiful art and want to use it for themselves or others as follows.

There are 10 sessions approximately 60 minutes each for this course for beginners. You learn to understand and reading the cards, various aspects of it. You also get your reading done in the course and also do it for others as sample reading and practice.

The people who already have general idea about the tarot from various sources etc can take short course of 6 lessons.

Tarot Card Reading & Prediction for your problems

Tarot card reading is good for the people who wish to know about their future and other aspects of life but do not have their own data’s of time, place and date of birth as we need in vedic astrology. The best part of Tarot reading is that you can also ask about others or your near and dear ones. Our Tarot reader suggest the solutions to you on the basis of your reading and according to Indian insight.

A Tarot session generally takes 30 minutes but can go as long as needed You can ask for your problems, take suggestions for yourself .The best part of the tarot reading is that you can have the readings and predictions and guidelines for yourself and others also without having any specific data.

Divine Rituals - Jap / Yagya / Sanskars

To Organize Divine Rituals programs as Rishikesh has its vedic importance of divinity and spirituality. It is nurtured with nature's bounty, Maa Ganga and shivalik foothills of great Himalayas...it is blessed with rishi and yogis like Shivananda, Yogananda, Mahrishi Mahesh Yogi, Swami Ram, who enlightened the world through their wisdom. Rishikesh is also gateway to religious Char Dham Yatra (Badri - Kedar - Yamunotri - Gangotri).

We organise the divine ritual programme on the bank of mother Ganga and at spiritual heritage spots as per the ancient text schedules and on the basis of individual's requirement ie Yagyopavitra Sanskar, Gayatri Mantra Jap, Mahamrituanjay Jap, Durga Saptshati etc.

a) Mahamrituanjay Jap & Yagya
b) Yagyopavitra Sanskar
c) Rudrabhishek Jap & Yagya
d) Gayatri Jap & Yagya
e) Havan or Yagya

Vedic Marriage

We do arrangements for a couple who wish to get married by Indian Vedic System. It is a union of two souls who are of opposite sex. This union stays for life long span and in next life too. Generally marriages are taking place on physical platform only, where ego remains intact and go on creating hurdles in married life. It is ending very shortly and causing much pains, sufferings and sorrow on each end.

Men always think logically while women is emotionally governed as a law of sex difference in our traditional system of vedic marriage we go on consulting one's cosmic psyche orders and accordingly performing the marriage ceremony with specific beez mantra, rituals along with yagya which creates a transformation in subtlest mechanism of bride and bridegroom. Thus both of them generate harmonious living environment and enjoy the life in its real spirits. Such marriages stay for a life long span and their productivity bring bliss to human society.

Procedure & System

There are specific mantras for each rituals which is in Sanskrit language and performed by a pujari or pandit or a brahmin. If you are interested in such marriage all arrangements can be done on either place by us.

In Vedic Marriage we follow the following procedure as under

  1. First we go through the Horoscope matching of couple.(Date / Place/ Time of Birth is required)
  2. There are Characteristics of individual which should gel with each other minimum to the tune of 50 % as total Characteristics are 32. More % of matching means for more compatibility between couple.
  3. Basically, we also choose Vedic Mantras for marriage according to planetary position of couple i.e. If couple is effected from Mars then at the time of ceremony Yagya (Holy Fire) We chants the mantra and rituals accordingly as per the matter.
  4. Then we decide the appropriate Date & Time for the Marriage ceremony as per astrology and Panchang (Astro Calender).

In India the marriage is a tie up between two families not mere two person. So,the rituals are organised in presence of all relatives, society and friends etc.There are need of both parents or guardians for performing the rituals.some rituals are being performed by Groom and bride thereselves and some for their individual parents or guardians. The philosphy behind it is that the couple starts a new life after marriage so he / she grants sucess and help from all segments of the society.They all are supportive in their journey of life and live in harmony after that.Although in the changing seanrio of today there are some short methods are being adopted but vedic marriage is the essence of that.

The step by step details of rituals are as under.

  1. Total material arrangements for the marriage.
  2. To make the Mandap (The place where marriage has to took place) and Vedi(In mandap where holy fire is arranged)
  3. First ritual : Mangalacharan
    a) Swastivachan (Start blessings)
    b) Dev pujnam (Worship Of Gods)
    c) Sankalp
    d) Ganeshasya Awahnam(first we pray to Lord Ganesha)
    e) Ganesh Pujnam (Worship of Lord Ganesh)
    f) Gauri Pujnam (Worship of Gauri Maa)
    g) Varun Pujnam (Worship of Lord Varun)
    h) Navgrah Pujnam (Worship of Nine Planets)
    a) To tied up the raksha Sutra (Holi String)
    b) To make tilak on forehead
  4. Rituals for Kanyadan (To give the daughter by her parents to Groom) - 13 Steps
    a) Yagyopavit Sanskar
    b) Asan
    c) To wash the Feet
    d) To wash the face
    e) To drink by hand
    f) To give the honey
    g) To touch the body
    h) To donate the cow
    i) To ignite the Fire
    j) To enter of groom into Mandap.
    k) To tie up the Groom and Bride and yellow hand by termeric
    l) To donate the bride to groom
    j) To take water and stand
  5. Kushakandika - Ritual perform by a holi dried Grass
    a) To put Ghee (Cow Milk Oil) into fire - 3 times.
    b) To put samagri (mixtures of Herbs and other material for Holy Fire) for the name of Fire, Air and Sun.
    c) To put samagri for the name of our sin and regrets.- 5 Times
    d) To put samagri for the name of Nation or Country - 12 Times
    e) To put samagri for Sucess and victory of theirself (The Couple)- 12 Times
    f) To Put Ghee for increasing of family - 18 Times
    g) To put ghee for removing of our own worries - 5 times
    h) To Perform Laajahome Ritual
    (i) To put Laaja (Some Kheel and water)into Fire - 3 Times
    (j) To perform Paanigrhan sanskar (To take hand of bride by groom and chants mantras) - 4 times
    (k) To perform Shilarohanm - To stand on one stone and chants mantras by groom
  6. Saptpadyadiashirwadvachanani
    a) Seven rounds around the Holy Fire.
    b) Ashirwad
    c) To look to Dhruv Tara (North in Night) or Sun(East in daytime)
    d) Blessing to groom and fill up the mang of bride with Sindur by Groom
    e) Swistkrit Yagya - Call for fire
    f) To donate for blessings
  7. Manglastkani - Eight round of Mangal rituals
    Summary : So , This is the procedure of a marriage ceremony .You can see that in each ritual there is a specific Vedic mantra, some of which has to pronounce by ritual master ,some by brides ,some by grooms and to perform those mantra during ceremony the procedures is also different. It is a more practical thing then theoretical. In fact the above information is most basic one while it is being performed according to our Vedic texts step by step which take complete one day in all ceremonies. That has to be followed strictly in accordance to our Vedic systems and most matching and favoring to married life's longevity in harmony.
Ash Immersion Program

Loved One's Ash Immersion Cult

Our ancient holy scriptures are self-explanatory about the ancient about the ash immersion of a loved one in the Holy waters of Mother Ganga. It is to ensure the release of their soul from bondage and to help their spirit progress towards liberation. Every pious family has deepest wish to perform this sacred rites for their loved ones. People travel from across the world to Haridwar, Rishikesh and other holy cities in order to immerse their loved ones ashes in Maa Ganga's holy waters'. Unfortunately the ceremony is not always pure, pious and conducted in accordance to its devotion. It has been commercialized and people complain of negative experiences to Priests, Pandas etc. in these cities.

Under the inspiration and guidance of our ancient holy scripts and by the grace of our holy scripts and by the grace of holy Maa Ganga, BHS is facilitating the people for this cause by conducting pure, traditional and pious puja (ritual and offering) will be done for your loved ones' remains. You will be assured that the sacred rites are performed according to ancient scripture by devoted priests.

The Sacred Rites may be done in two ways

  • You with family or with friends or with relatives or alone may come to Rishikesh (Himalaya) where Puja will be arranged according to your schedule. All boarding or lodging may be provided as per your specific needs.
  • If the above personal journey is not possible ,you may send the ashes to us through any postal or courier service with a detailed letter containing the information of the deceased i.e., name, date of death, cause of death, place of prior residence, names of mourning family members. All offerings to Lord Shiva, Maa Ganga relative rituals and prayers , food distribution among beggars and saints shall be conducted by us for you and acknowledgement along with prashad will be sent to you afterwards through courier or postal media.

Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey to Vibrant Places in Himalaya

Packages conducted all over the Garhwal region and Himalayas. The organization has a sound knowledge and acquaintance with Himalayan culture, region, its generous nature, customs, traditions and abundance of natural healing spring water. Visit to age-old shrines and temples, rare divine spots & caves which vibrate and one can experience the bliss and aura of the place. All this will soothe away stress and tension and will take you to a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Forget the hectic and stressful world and drive out really to understand the essence of active life.

  • Char Dham Trek n Tours
    Yamunotri , Gangotri, Badrinath and Kedrarnath are the Chardham (Four Destinations), wherein one has to trek around 14 kms in Yamunotri and Kedarnath. Gangotri and Yamunotri are the origin of Holy river Ganga and Yamuna respectively. Badrinath and Kedarnath are the shrines of lord Vishnu and Shiva respectively.
  • Panch Prayag Yatra
    Panch Prayag yatra is the divine tour of five confluences of the most sacred rivers in garhwal. It includes Vishnu Prayag, Nand Prayag, Karna Prayag, Rudra Prayag and Deo Prayag. The Panch Prayag is situated on road head from Rishikesh to Badrinath.
  • Panch Devi Trek n Tours
    Mansa Devi, Chandee Devi, Chandravadni , Surkanda , Kunjapuri etc. All the mentioned renowned devsthanam are vibrating. Devotees are being benefited by offering sincere rituals and wishes are granted. One can go for devi darshan by Ropeway or trek, as the case may be.
  • Panch Kedar Trek n Tours
    Panch Kedar is the five sacred spots of Lord Shiva which includes Kedarnath, Madmaheshwar, Tungnath, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar.
  • Panch Badri Trek n Tours
    Panch Badri yatra is the five divine spots of Lord Vishnu which includes Badrinath, Bhavishya Badri, Yogdhyan Badri, Vridha Badri and Adi Badri.
  • Shiv Shakti Trek n Tours
    Shiva – Shakti is the spots of Lord Shiva nad his wife Parvati Together. Neelkanth and Janki Devi are the nearest spots from Rishikesh. Triyugi Narayan Temple is the place of Maarriage of Shiva and Shakti.The fire is still alive from that time of their marriage.
  • Spiritual Cave Tours
    In Himalayas, there are many sacared places where our saints or Rishi's (Spiritual Scientists) did worships in caves to find the ultimate innerself. we can take a tour of such caves and enlighten ourself.

    We assist in programs especially tailored as per specific need and time.

Hindi Speaking Course

Some people wants to learn Hindi for day to day conversations while they are here or taking some programs with us. We have this hobby course for them to promote Hindi language. There are no fix program for this course. People can take this course as per the time available to them. Generally 4 week program of 60 minutes every day is good enough for day to day Hindi conversations. For reading and writing you need more time.


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