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Nature Cure for self awareness – Introductory Course : NIC

This course is designed for the purpose of spreading the awareness about the Naturopathy. The detail about the 5 elements is being given in this course. We can keep our self healthy and fit by various methods of using Air, Water, Earth, Ether and Fire. There are 5 sessions of minimum one hour each in this course. It is basically a theory course only. You learn the various properties of 5 elements in this course. There are 5 sessions of 60 minutes each. This course is good for the people who want to be more aware about the principals of nature and their healing properties.

Nature Cure & its methods – Comprehensive Course : NCC

In this Course you learn the practical part of the Naturopathy Treatments in addition to theory and principals of Natoropathy. You learn the various procedures and treatments by 5 elements. There are Hot – Cold Packs, Mud Bath, Foot Bath, Mud Packs, Enemas, Hip Bath, Fasting methods etc you learn in this program. There are 10 sessions of approx. one hour each in this course.

First 5 sessions is of theory as above and last 5 sessions is of practical. One can also combine his/her own detoxification program with this Course in addition to have a feel about the Nature cure treatments. This program is good for the people who want to heal/treat themselves or others by applying natural principals.

Nature Cure Program /Treatments for Various Ailment Healings : NPAH

In this method, we treat the people by holistic method of Naturopathy. There are some people who do not want to take any kinds of medicines even Ayurveda medicines, this is the right method for them and they can be treated by the Naturoptahy ways. In this method our Naturotherapist treat the people for there various ailments.

The suggestion for there lifestyle and food is being given in this program. The specific yoga classes for particular ailments are recommended with this program. This program can be taken for 10 – 14 days to feel some effects on body.

Nature Cure Detoxification Program – 7 Days (Minimum) : NDP

It is a detoxification program by naturopathy ways. In this program no herbs or herbal preparation and methods are being used unlike ayurveda. The main methods in this program is used as massage , steam , cold bath , hot and cold packs , hip bath , mud pack ,mud bath, sun bath , enemas, vomiting , eye and ear cleansing etc. The basic program is for 7 days.

Your lifestyle and food also change during the program. This program is good for the people who have less time and wants to detoxify their body by natural ways. For the ailments this program can be increased as per the case and response of the body. Any healthy person can also take this program for rejuvenation by natural methods.


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