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past life regression

Past Life Regression Program : PLRP

As per Hindu philosophy of Past life which is very scientific also our soul never dies and it can only be liberated or keep moving in this cycle of death and birth. It is very scientific and works as per the 3rd law of Newton that every action has a reaction. So if you have done something then you are liable to bear the consequences of that action. Some time that may be instant and some time it may take a long time as many months, years or even next lives too. We have seen many time people have some problems in this very life and they don’t understand the reason of it. It may be any kind of fear, dreams, problems, worries, nightmares or some time extra ordinary quality also.

We try to look into there past lives to find out more in details for the route cause of the problems or there reasons. In our research we have found that soul belongs to different places and travel in groups in many lives. So we see migration of people from one to another places in this world. Soul keeps searching for its place from where it belongs too. If it finds its original place then it is peaceful. Please remember Past life regression is not a relaxation program and may gives problems also during and after the sessions to some people. First we have to understand the reason for past life regression and then only we may decide about this session.

Healings Sessions by Words & Touch

It is a healing given by some mix methods of using various kind of touch therapy like reflexology, massage or tantra reiki or just simple energy filled touch. More time is being given to understand the problem of person. After that the solutions be given in psychological manner. This healing is very effective in mental, emotional, sexual, personal, psychological and spiritual type of problems.

We try to unblock the various blockages from the person by using various methods which may be different from person to person. Consultations for various aspects of life & psychological needs is given as per the person’s state of body , mind and spirit. There is no fix time for such sessions However it may take 90 minutes or more. It is being given on appointment basis.

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